Hussein Torbati, PA-C
Hussein Torbati, PA-C

Treats patients at both of our Urgent Care locations

Classen Urgent Care Norman
Classen Urgent Care Moore

Oklahoma Medical Board

Hussein Torbati, PA-C graduated from Oklahoma University in 1998 with honors. PA Torbati has over 18 years of experience in emergency medicine. He has been involved in teaching OU students in medicine for over 23 years. He is one of the very few in the state of Oklahoma who holds the honor of completing the “Specialty Certificate of Added Qualification” in Emergency Medicine.

He was named the State of Oklahoma Physician Assistant of the year in 2021 by the Oklahoma Academy of Physician Assistants.

PA Torbati is a co-founder and owner of Classen Urgent Care and Classen Family Practice.

He was awarded in 2021 by the Cleveland County Commissioners for his efforts in helping our community during the pandemic.

He first moved to Norman in 1984.  He graduated from George Lynn Cross Academy in Norman (now called Community Christian School) and has been living here with his wife.  PA Torbati and his wife are proud parents of one son who attended Norman High and Graduated with honors, then attended and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a 4.0 and now is finishing his Masters degree.  They are also proud of their daughter who despite many challenges, graduated from Norman North High School and now is attending SunHive Collective, in Norman.

PA Torbati is also privileged to have served on the board of SunHive Collective. A very needed non-profit organization for our own kids in our own community!


  • Masters of Health Sciences from the University of Oklahoma in 1998 with honor
  • Over 18 years of experience in Emergency Medicine as a Physician Associate
  • Teaching OU students in medicine for over 23 years
  • Graduated as a Registered Respiratory Therapist in 1990 with 8 years of experience in critical care Respiratory Therapy