What to Expect

Classen Urgent Care Clinic
Open Daily from 7am to 10pm

405 701 7111

No Appointment Required

What to Expect

At Classen Urgent Care you can always expect prompt, quality care from the moment you walk in, through your recovery. That's Full Circle Care, our comprehensive approach to patient care that focuses on YOU.

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional care at every one of our five points of service: Reception, Check-in, Triage, Caregiver/Provider Experience and Care Summation.

When you visit the Classen Urgent Care clinic, Full Circle Care ensures you'll experience the highest level of care from all of our providers every step of your visit. We'll make sure we keep you informed throughout the process, and we encourage you to ask questions along the way.

Because Full Circle Care is all about you, we invite you to provide us with
 feedback on your Classen Urgent Care experience so that we can continually improve our care.