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February 22, 2023|

Masks are now optional for all

classen medical complex

We were the first medical facility to make masks mandatory for all staff and later for all patients entering our facilities.

We have been involved in this pandemic from the beginning.  We have been monitoring our number of positive COVID patients for months, as well we have also been monitoring the flu, its prevalence and its complications.

Although CDC removed all mask restrictions including those for medical facilities months ago, we held out and maintained our mandatory mask policy for employees until now!

Although it remains our policy to encourage all to protect themselves and others at all times, we are now making it optional for our employees to wear masks.

January 23, 2023|

$15 Sports/School physicals

It is permanent!!   All sports/school physical for all school age kids will be $15.

Its that time of the year for sports and school physicals in the Oklahoma City Metro Areas.

All of our Sports and School Physicals are now only $15.00

Call us TODAY to Schedule an Appointment!

January 3, 2023|

National Influenza Vaccination Week

It’s National Influenza Vaccination Week. Schedule an appointment to get your child a flu vaccine. Help reduce their risk of the flu and its potentially serious complications.

Flu Shot Near Me

If you are searching online for a ‘flu shot near me’, in Moore, Oklahoma or Norman, Oklahoma. Our Classen Medical locations are ready to provide you and your family with the latest flu vaccination.

Is it too late to get the flu shot?

Getting the vaccine later is better than not getting it at all. Since it is still flu season well into spring. Even then it’s not too late for you and your family to get the flu vaccine. There are many health care providers that give flu vaccines through May if the flu virus is still circulating.

With our FAST and CONVENIENT locations in both Moore and Norman, we can have your flu shot ready and you will be off on your way!

Contact Classen Medical to schedule an appointment TODAY.

Help them flight flu poster

December 6, 2022|

Increased Respiratory illnesses

Due to an exceptionally large number of patients with respiratory illnesses (led by the flu), our Urgent Care in Norman will stop accepting additional patients tonight at 9pm.

Our staff need to get out on time to rest.
We are sorry for any inconvenience.

November 28, 2022|

COVID and Flu cases are SHARPLY up in the last few days!

covid treatment moore norman

November 3rd, 2022

The rate of positive Covid patients over the past 2 weeks had been the lowest rate we’ve seen in a long time.

However, for the past few days there has been a SHARP increase in both Covid and flu cases.

Please take care and take appropriate precautions.
If you are not vaccinated for the flu yet, it is not too late.

Visit one of our local clinics in Norman or Moore.

Classen Family Medicine, Norman
2824 Classen Blvd
Norman, OK 73071
call/TEXT: 405-701-3563

Classen Urgent Care Clinic, Norman
2818 Classen Blvd
Norman, OK 73071
call/TEXT: 405-701-7111

Classen Family Medicine, Moore
1015 SW 4th St.
Moore, OK 73160
call/TEXT: 405-378-2001

Classen Urgent Care Clinic, Moore
1015 SW 4th St
Moore, OK 73160
call/TEXT 405-378-2001

November 3, 2022|

MonkeyPox Vaccine and the new COMBO COVID vaccine

We have limited supply of Monkeypox vaccine for those who qualify and are at high risk.

Soon we should have the Moderna /SPIKEVAX booster for COVID-19 that is supposed to cover for the Omicron strain as well.  Anyone, 12 and older, who’s gone through the original MRNA vaccine series and has had at least 4 months since the last shot qualifies to get this vaccine.  We will update once this vaccine arrives.

August 25, 2022|

More Restrictions on the use of MonoClonal Antibodies for COVID-19

Recently NIH updated their recommendations for treatment of COVID-19.  The guidelines dictates that before using MCA’s, one must consider and rule out the use of Paxlovid and/or Remdesivir.  It is very likely that the insurance companies will follow this guidelines.  This means a valid reason must me present to chose MCA’s over the other two and superiority of this medication is not good enough.  Lack of a valid reason will mean that the patient will be responsible for the entire cost.  Soon MCA’s will be available commercially and not through the government.  Although, this will increase the accessibility to this medication, but at $2100 plus per dose, not a whole lot of folks will be able to afford it.  Please take care of yourselves, we are expecting a much higher than normal volume for this flu season.

August 24, 2022|
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