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Classen Family Medicine

2824 Classen Blvd.
Norman, OK 73071

call/TEXT 405-701-3563

Fax 405-310-5194

7 am-5 pm M-F

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Classen Family Medicine Norman

Serving patients of all ages with quality family healthcare you can trust in Norman, Oklahoma.

Norman Classen Family Medicine serves the surrounding communities of Norman, Noble, Oklahoma City, Purcell, Lexington, Pink, Slaughterville, and Little Axe. Whatever your family’s health needs may be, our compassionate team of medical providers and nurses are happy to help you feel your best. Please see our complete listing of services we provide.

How to make an appointment:

We make appointments easy so you can get on with your busy life. You can always call us to make an appointment, but the most efficient ways are the following:

  • Text us at 405-701-3563 and request an appointment whether being a New patient or an Established patient.
  • Our Established patient can also request a visit using their Patient Portal.
  • Telemedicine is also available by request for our Established patients.

All of Classen Medical’s locations are dedicated to prioritizing staff and patient safety. As a result, all visitors are encouraged to wear masks that securely cover the nose and mouth at all times while inside our facilities. We have implemented multiple steps to protect us all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my DOT physical done there?2024-02-14T14:27:31-06:00

Yes, all of our Medical Providers are certified by the Department of Transportation for DOT physicals.

Can my child(ren) be seen at Classen Family Medicine?2024-02-14T14:27:45-06:00

Yes. At Classen Family Medicine we see all the family members from birth and up.

Do you offer proper diagnosing and treatment for conditions such as Obesity, ADHD, Chronic Pain, Depression, or Anxiety?2024-02-14T14:27:55-06:00

Classen Family Medicine is a clinic that takes care of all types of patients and illnesses.  At any one time we can all suffer from the above-mentioned conditions.  We are a clinic that can handle any medical condition.  If after careful examination, additional medical consultation with an expert in the field, supportive labs/tests, and/or a more thorough review of your medical history, are deemed to be warranted we have the capability to provide for this and much more.

Who are the Medical Providers at your office that are currently accepting patients?2024-02-14T14:28:18-06:00

You can view all of our medical providers at both Classen Family Medicine and Classen Urgent Care locations on our medical provider page.

How can I communicate with your office?2024-02-14T14:28:29-06:00

In addition to the usual phone calls, we can communicate to you via text, “Your Patient Portal”, emails, and any other ways you will allow us to communicate with you.

Can I get my lab work done there in the office?2024-02-14T14:28:42-06:00

Yes, we do multiple routine labs here at our office by trained personnel.  If additional labs are needed, we can send them to where they need to go for rapid results.

Can I be seen there if I am pregnant?2024-02-14T14:29:07-06:00

Yes, although at this time we do not offer OB care, we can care for all of your other medical needs.

Can my staff be seen by your facilities?2024-02-14T14:29:20-06:00

Yes, we have multiple contracts with multiple local companies.

Do you offer immunizations?2024-02-14T14:29:34-06:00

Yes, we offer most immunizations including childhood vaccinations and seasonal vaccinations, such as Flu Vaccine.  We currently are not offering any type of COVID vaccinations.

Do you provide flu shots?2024-02-09T11:25:56-06:00

Yes, we provide flu shots and vaccine’s at our Norman Family Medicine location.

QUICK and EASY, You will be on your way in no time!

Where is your Classen Family Medicine in Norman located at?2024-02-09T11:23:40-06:00

Classen Family Medicine in Norman is located just west of Classen Blvd in Norman, Oklahoma. Located just north of highway 9.

We are proud to serve not only residents of Norman and students at the University of Oklahoma, but also all surrounding cities.

You can find us on Google Maps.

Can I be seen at the Classen Family Medicine Norman location if I do not have insurance?2024-02-09T11:20:11-06:00

Yes! You can be seen at the Classen Norman Family Medicine location if you don’t have insurance.

If you are unable to use your insurance due to gaps in coverage, or have only Major Medical insurance, we have special discounted prices to help you. You can contact us for more information 405-701-3563

Medical Providers

Rodney McCrory, DO
Rodney McCrory, DO
Kathryn Hall, DO
Kathryn Hall, DO
Jonathan Smith, PA-C
Jonathan Smith, PA-C
Quynh Chau, PA-C
Quynh Chau, PA-C
Randall Martz, PA-C
Randall Martz, PA-C

Classen Family Medicine and Classen Urgent Care are proud supporters of the following organizations. To learn more or to donate please CLICK HERE.

sun hive collective
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