Our Classen Medical locations provide sports physicals, school physicals, as well as physicals for camps and Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts. We offer not only fast and thorough physicals, but we make it easy for you to get your exam and be on your way! The process is EASY, you can bring your own form for us to complete.

  • Quick
  • Thorough
  • No appointments needed.  You can come in anytime we are open!
  • Cost Effective
  • You can bring your own form to us to complete
  • Additional labs, X-rays and EKG services are available if your situation requires it

Sports Physicals

sports physical norman moore

Sports physicals help ensure an athlete is safe to play in their school sport or sports organization. Sports physicals are not always mandatory, but the sports physical exams help ensure that the person is in not only a good condition, but vaccines are up to date, as well as an opportunity for the physician to review the overall health of the patient.

A sports physical can provide eligibility requirements, as well as evaluate overall health conditions, to ensure the person is safe to play the sport.

school physical norman okc mooreSchool Physicals

Our medical providers not only provide sports physicals, but we also provide school physicals. Whether its time for back-to-school and your child is needing a new school physical, or you are needing a checkup, our qualified staff is able to assist you with everything you need.

We can also administer vaccines and required immunizations.

What You Can Expect

School exams can vary based on the child’s age and the requirements of the school, but typical procedures include:

  • Recording your child’s height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, and BMI
  • Checking your child’s heart, lungs, lymph nodes, abdomen, skin, eyes, ears, nose, and throat
  • Evaluating your child’s vision
  • Evaluating joints, muscles, and spine
  • Discussing medical history
  • Discussing any concerns or issues

Camp Physicals

Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts Physicals