How do you know that you are going to be seen, in person, by a Licensed Medical Provider when you walk into an Urgent Care Clinic?

urgent care okc mooreWhen Classen Medical Complex opened our doors over 13 years ago, this question would not have made sense. We’ve seen significant changes in Medicine over the past 13 years. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated these changes.

One change that is creeping its way across the United States is the advent of “Phone Booth” clinics. The way these clinics work is that you will go into your usual clinic or a new one that just popped up and are greeted by an individual who checks you in, collects your urgent care co-pay, gets your vital signs, and even obtains your labs and X-rays. Then you are seated in front of a computer to speak to a Medical Provider. You are then treated in accordance to the best of the knowledge of the Medical Provider and sent away. Some clinics may not divulge this process upon checking in or on their websites.

While there are many, many rural areas of Oklahoma that can benefit greatly from this type of service, one may question why such a service exists in the Metro areas.

Telemedicine is a good tool and should be used when it’s needed. But why should you have to drive to the facility and pay as if you are being seen in person, only to be treated via Telemedicine?

The last thing medicine needs is to become even more impersonal.

Each and every individual who checks in to see a medical provider at our Classen Urgent Care Norman and Classen Urgent Care Moore locations will be examined in person by a medical provider in a timely manner.