Virtual Doctor in Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore Metro Area

Classen Medical offers convenient E-VISIT appointments for our patients.

virtual doctor near me okc norman moore oklahomaIf you believe your condition does not need any labs or x-rays, then an e-Visit may help you. If your provider decides that your condition requires you to be physically examined, then you may be asked to come in to be seen.

For established patient, who have an active  “YourHealthFile” patient portal, please log in to request an e-Visit. One of our staff members will contact you.

E-Visit hours are 6:00 am-9:40 pm. Please text us your name, date of birth, email and the word ‘evisit’.

Text Classen Urgent Care at 405-701-7111 for an E-Visit

For those of you who have never been seen before or haven’t set up your “YourHealthFile”  patient portal yet, please call or text to speak with the front desk at Classen Medical, who would be happy to help you.