We Won! The Norman Transcript Readers’ Choice Award

Classen Urgent Care in Norman won the Norman Transcript Readers Choice Awards for:

  • Best Hospital/Health Care Facility
  • Best Urgent Care Facility

Classen’s own Jonathan Smith PA-C was nominated for Best Physician’s Assistant.

Each year the Norman Transcript turns to the community for voting on their favorite choices in the Readers’ Choice Awards for best selections, from places to eat and best entertainment to the best health care facilities, urgent care, physicians and more.

The Norman Transcript selects the top 5 nominations as nominated by the community, then a winner is selected for each category.

Classen Urgent Care and Classen Family Medicine in Norman would like to thank everyone who voted for us!

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What services does Classen Urgent Care offer?

urgent care in moore and normanAt our Classen Urgent Care Clinics in Norman and Moore, we know sometimes feeling great can’t wait. That’s why we provide a wide-range of minor emergency and general medical services to get you feeling better sooner!

Check out the full list of our services to learn more about the services we provide.

  • General Medical Care
  • Injuries
  • Occupational & Employment
  • DOT/DMV Physicals
  • Schools and Sport Physicals

We also provide the following medical services:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Check-Ups
  • Vaccinations and Immunizations
  • Digital X-rays
  • Onsite Laboratory Services
  • Electronic Prescription Services
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Future of Urgent Care Facilities

How do you know that you are going to be seen, in person, by a Licensed Medical Provider when you walk into an Urgent Care Clinic?

urgent care okc mooreWhen Classen Medical Complex opened our doors over 13 years ago, this question would not have made sense. We’ve seen significant changes in Medicine over the past 13 years. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated these changes.

One change that is creeping its way across the United States is the advent of “Phone Booth” clinics. The way these clinics work is that you will go into your usual clinic or a new one that just popped up and are greeted by an individual who checks you in, collects your urgent care co-pay, gets your vital signs, and even obtains your labs and X-rays. Then you are seated in front of a computer to speak to a Medical Provider. You are then treated in accordance to the best of the knowledge of the Medical Provider and sent away. Some clinics may not divulge this process upon checking in or on their websites.

While there are many, many rural areas of Oklahoma that can benefit greatly from this type of service, one may question why such a service exists in the Metro areas.

Telemedicine is a good tool and should be used when it’s needed. But why should you have to drive to the facility and pay as if you are being seen in person, only to be treated via Telemedicine?

The last thing medicine needs is to become even more impersonal.

Each and every individual who checks in to see a medical provider at our Classen Urgent Care Norman and Classen Urgent Care Moore locations will be examined in person by a medical provider in a timely manner.

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Virtual Doctor Near Me

Virtual Doctor in Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore Metro Area

Classen Medical offers convenient E-VISIT appointments for our patients.

virtual doctor near me okc norman moore oklahomaIf you believe your condition does not need any labs or x-rays, then an e-Visit may help you. If your provider decides that your condition requires you to be physically examined, then you may be asked to come in to be seen.

For established patient, who have an active  “YourHealthFile” patient portal, please log in to request an e-Visit. One of our staff members will contact you.

E-Visit hours are 6:00 am-9:40 pm. Please text us your name, date of birth, email and the word ‘evisit’.

Text Classen Urgent Care at 405-701-7111 for an E-Visit

For those of you who have never been seen before or haven’t set up your “YourHealthFile”  patient portal yet, please call or text to speak with the front desk at Classen Medical, who would be happy to help you.

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Classen Urgent Care Moore – Affordable Care for Uninsured Patients

At Classen Urgent Care, we understand that not everyone has health insurance. That’s why we offer affordable care for uninsured patients at our Norman and Moore locations.

For only $96, uninsured patients can receive an office visit, including a physical exam, diagnosis, and treatment plan. We also offer discounted rates on any necessary labs, x-rays, or other services. And, unlike some other urgent care clinics, we do not require a membership or set-up fee.

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, regardless of their insurance status. That’s why we are committed to providing affordable care to our community.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Classen Urgent Care for uninsured patients:

  • Affordable prices: We offer office visits for uninsured patients for only $96.
  • Discounted services: We offer discounted rates on any necessary labs, x-rays, or other services.
  • No membership or set-up fee: Unlike some other urgent care clinics, we do not require a membership or set-up fee to provide these prices.
  • Free follow-up visits: One follow-up visit for uncomplicated wound care, including surgical care of abscesses and removal of sutures that we placed, are FREE.
  • Commitment to our community: We are committed to providing affordable care to our community.

If you are uninsured or unable to use your insurance due to high deductibles, we encourage you to visit Classen Urgent Care for your healthcare needs. We are here to help you get the care you need at a price you can afford.

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Classen Urgent Care – Telemedicine

Did you know that Classen Urgent Care now offers telemedicine? This means that you can see your local Medical Providers from the comfort of your own home, 365 days a year, from 6am to 9:45pm.

Telemedicine is a great option for people who are sick but don’t want to leave their house, or who don’t have time to schedule an in-person appointment. It’s also a convenient option for people who live in rural areas or who don’t have easy access to healthcare.

To use telemedicine at Classen Urgent Care, simply call or text our main number at 405-701-7111. We’ll walk you through the process and connect you with the medial provider on duty.

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The Flu Shot is Safe and Effective

We have Flu Shots!

The flu season is upon us, and the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to get a flu shot. Flu shots are safe and effective, and they can help prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and even death.

At Classen Medical Complex, we have flu shots available at all four of our local Norman and Moore locations:

Our friendly and experienced staff can answer any questions you have about the flu shot and help you get vaccinated quickly and easily.

Why is it important to get a flu shot every year?

The flu virus can change from year to year, so it’s important to get a flu shot every year to protect yourself against the latest strains. The flu shot is especially important for people at high risk of complications from the flu, including:

  • Children under 5 years old
  • Adults 65 years old and older
  • Pregnant women
  • People with certain chronic health conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, and heart disease

When should you get a flu shot?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone get a flu shot by the end of October. However, it’s not too late to get a flu shot even if it’s already the flu season. The flu can circulate until May, so it’s important to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

How much does a flu shot cost?

Most insurance plans cover the cost of flu shots. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your insurance company to be sure. If you don’t have insurance, we offer affordable flu shots to everyone.

CONTACT US TODAY to schedule an appointment for your flu shot.

You can schedule an appointment for your flu shot by calling our office, or by stopping by one of our locations. We also offer walk-in appointments, but scheduling an appointment ahead of time will help ensure that you are seen quickly.

We look forward to helping you stay healthy this flu season!

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Classen Urgent Care Norman – Don’t Wait Until Monday

Are you feeling sick or injured over the weekend? Don’t wait until Monday to be seen! Classen Urgent Care is open every day of the year, no appointment needed.

  • Cold and flu
  • Allergies
  • Minor cuts and scrapes
  • Sinus infections
  • Ear infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Skin conditions
  • And more!

We also offer a variety of other services, such as immunizations, sports physicals, and occupational medicine.

Our experienced and friendly staff will work quickly to get you the care you need and get you back to your weekend plans.

Here are the benefits of choosing Classen Urgent Care for your weekend healthcare needs:

  • Convenience: We’re open every day of the year, no appointment needed.
  • Affordability: We accept most insurance plans and offer affordable rates for uninsured patients.
  • Speed: We’ll get you seen and treated quickly so you can get back to your weekend plans.
  • Expertise: Our experienced and friendly staff will provide you with the best possible care.

So don’t wait until Monday to be seen!

Come to Classen Urgent Care in Norman today and get the care you need to get back to feeling your best.

We are located less than 10 minutes from the University of Oklahoma campus.

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National Influenza Vaccination Week

It’s National Influenza Vaccination Week. Schedule an appointment to get your child a flu vaccine. Help reduce their risk of the flu and its potentially serious complications.

Flu Shot Near Me

If you are searching online for a ‘flu shot near me’, in Moore, Oklahoma or Norman, Oklahoma. Our Classen Medical locations are ready to provide you and your family with the latest flu vaccination.

Is it too late to get the flu shot?

Getting the vaccine later is better than not getting it at all. Since it is still flu season well into spring. Even then it’s not too late for you and your family to get the flu vaccine. There are many health care providers that give flu vaccines through May if the flu virus is still circulating.

With our FAST and CONVENIENT locations in both Moore and Norman, we can have your flu shot ready and you will be off on your way!

Contact Classen Medical to schedule an appointment TODAY.

Visit one of our convenient locations:

Classen Family Medicine Norman

Classen Urgent Care Clinic Norman

Classen Family Medicine Moore

Classen Urgent Care Clinic Moore

Help them flight flu poster

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New Covid-19 Vaccine

9/12/23, we are currently waiting for CDC’s decision on the release of the latest version of the Covid-19 vaccine.  They will also recommend to whom these shots should be offered.

However, these vaccines are no longer free of charge.  State of Oklahoma will be sending few doses to each Health Department.  As of now, there are no indications that these vaccines are covered by any insurance company.  We expect them to be covered, however it will be up to each individual company.  The least expensive version of this vaccine for any age is at least 10 times the cost of the Flu vaccine.

Due to the continued decline in the mortality rate of those who contract Covid currently, the cost of the vaccine, and the uncertainties of the reimbursement from the insurance companies, Classen Urgent Care and Classen Family Practice will not be carrying this vaccine at this time.  We will be reviewing this policy frequently and will update it when needed.

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Urgent Care Near Moore, OK

Classen Urgent Care – Moore, Oklahoma

If you are looking for immediate urgent care near Moore, OK, we are here for you and your family.

Classen Urgent Care Moore is located in Moore, Oklahoma at 1015 SW 4th St Moore, OK 73160 (map)

Call/TEXT 405-378-2001



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